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Katie Cherry (@barefoot.katie) and Sarah Beherns (@sarahbeherns), the creators and hosts, of a brand-new show called UpWell - The Podcast. As two women with a passion for helping others, we wanted to create a space to share authentic conversations rooted in curiosity and truth with the promise of positively impacting the lives of others. With each of us having worked in health and wellness professions for over a decade, the knowledge and experience gained has given us proficiency in a variety of topics. 

Our mission is to bring important and helpful information to the world through an array of issues that impact us all. Focus on improving complete well-being –mind, body, and soul– is at the core of our vision. Open dialogue about relationships, physical and mental health, entrepreneurship, sobriety, spirituality, and more will allow us to cultivate a fun environment for people to listen, learn, and level up.

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