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Foot Health: Part One - The Foot to Core Connection

In this 3 Part Series I will cover:

- Foot to Core Connection

- Testing Foot Function & Foot Exercises

- Footwear

Part One: The Foot to Core Connection

There are 26 bones in each foot, along with 19 muscles and tendons from the knee to the toes in each leg. The 33 joints are held together with 107 ligaments. Over 25% of the bones in the body are found in the feet. If your feet are not working at optimal performance neither is the rest of your body.

Many people don’t realize that your feet and your core/hips have to directly communicate with each other in order for you move, to literally take a single step. Here is a step by step of that communication:

  • Your center of gravity is in the core/hips. Women carry their center in the hips, while men carry their center higher in the sternal region.

  • Every time you take a step your center of gravity shifts, and the core should activate. (Key word: should)

  • Poor foot function will lead to poor core activation.

  • When the core is not activating muscles will “go to sleep” known as muscle atrophy, which means they weaken and lose muscle memory on how to function.

  • To counter sleeping muscles, neighboring muscles have to take on the job of stabilizing the body. This leads to a chain reaction of both under activated and overworked muscles.

  • The misfire of muscle responsibilities causes pain, lack of mobility, injuries, and function disorders.

  • When the body doesn’t move how it was designed, you’re unable to burn the energy needed to maintain a healthy weight and body mass. You’re likely to experience fatigue, mental cloudiness, weaken immunity and once again pain.

When it comes to your feet, many people might not realize just how important of a role they play in your overall well-being. Aside from your vital organs, they are the major player in your livelihood. If you were to lose the function of your feet, you would lose your life as you know it. Aging does not mean having to walk with a cane or needing a wheelchair, keeping your feet healthy is far easier than you might think.

There are many ways you can reverse the negative effects your feet may be causing you. In Part Two I will discuss drills to test your foot function, as well as exercises to improve your foot health.

I hope this brief explanation of how the body works allows you to take inventory of your own foot health! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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Sue Tarantino
Sue Tarantino
Sep 27, 2021

Foot health is important! Looking forward to Part Two of your series!

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